Fresno Lab Gets a Facelift

Since the early 1970s, ACFSQ/DFA has maintained a well-equipped, professionally staffed laboratory capable of performing a wide variety of safety and quality analyses.

While its capabilities, equipment and staff have always been on the cutting edge, the rest of the Fresno lab was brought into the 21st century with an extensive “facelift” involving new paint, carpeting, energy-efficient windows, blinds, desks and chairs—the first in about 15 years. Members have asked to bring their customers through the lab, and ACFSQ/DFA wanted to polish things up so it looks like the world-class facility it is.

New furniture now graces the front reception area as well as the Food Safety reception area and a new sitting reception area, which has been added. Visitors will be made more comfortable with new guest chairs in management offices. Space has also been rearranged and carved out for two new employees, one in the Food Safety area, one a microbiologist. The 7,500-square-foot building’s facade has been tiled, painted and hung with a new sign. The changes, which have been taking place over the summer, will be completed in time for the season.

Looks may be important for conveying the right impression and state-of-the-art equipment for running sophisticated tests, but the real goal is our commitment to excellence. By creating a more efficient work environment we have enabled the lab employees to be more productive. These improvements will allow the lab the ability to provide improved and timelier service to our members and customers. The ultimate focus in the early 1970’s was the same as it is in 2010, to improve the labs overall capacity to not just meet but exceed our customer expectations.

We look forward to providing your organization with superior services at the most competitive prices in the industry.

When it comes to the technical needs of the food industry, the ACFSQ/DFA Laboratory is unsurpassed.

Staff contact: Mike Hurley, VP Technical Services; 559-233-7249;